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 Let Cment2b help you create a unique, one of a kind garden oasis in both your indoor

and outdoor living spaces. My water features are also a wonderful addition to your

office or business location and the concrete couture adds whimsy!

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In Honor of Bill McGlaun:

sculptor and dear friend

Willow is a tree/woodland nymph, antlers, long ears and all! I have been working on her for two years and I'm excited to get her finished up. I'll post more pics of her creation soon. I am dedicating this sculpture to Bill, now in heaven. When I met Bill he had recently lost his home to fires in the Bastrop/Smithville area. He was living in what I call the hell hole, in a leaky, nasty black mold infested building on Second Street in Smithville. This amazing, talented, kind dear soul never complained. It was what he felt he was dealt...... Later he moved into nice living conditions, but I'm afraid the mold was the beginning of the end. Health problems ensued, heart attacks, strokes and complete decline, he was taken from us five years ago. So this piece that I am working on I call Willow is a mythical creature and Bill loved those! He had built quite a collection of pieces he had made and he loved the Renaissance Festivals he participated in!

While I worked on this piece I could feel him working with me, like I was channeling him! While I carved the faux bois technique of her wings, her face and arms. Once I colored them and was about to add some gray to make it more tree like I realized I couldn't. This symbolizes his home burning down with all of his earthly possessions, but a few of his clays. I've added the mice, representing the little ones who lived with him in his hell hole, cuddling up to him at night to stay warm. Yes they had names...The next thing that needs to be worked on is the vines that will give her support, since she is a bit top heavy. Some will be hanging from her wrists and she will look like she is breaking free from her earthly ties, just as Bill has.