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 Let Cment2b help you create a unique, one of a kind garden oasis in both your indoor

and outdoor living spaces. My water features are also a wonderful addition to your

office or business location and the concrete couture adds whimsy!

Schedule your visit to my studio or shop now! Call me at 979-702-1246

Welcome To My Fountain Page

Here you will find currently available fountains. You can also see what fountain styles I have created that you can

commission me to create just for you and here you can see some of the commissions I have completed. Last, but not least, here you will find out how to set up and take care of your fountains and pumps.

Care and feeding of your fountain

Click here to see the selection of fountains now available

Fountain Styles to order from


I start with a mound of wet sand on a sand table.Leaves are then placed on top and the sand is carved to take on the natural shape of the leaves. I then mix up two blends of concrete. My light weight version that contains vermiculite and fiberglass goes down on the back side of the leaves first. A layer of fiberglass mesh is added and then a stronger blend is then added.

Once the piece cures on the table for a few days, I flip it over and remove as much leaves as possible. The piece then goes for a swim in the kiddie pools for a few days to accelerate curing.

On to the "solar kiln" it goes to bake out the rest of the leaves.

What ever remains of the leaf is power washed away. The piece is then acid stained, neutralized and then sealed. Serving pieces get a food safe sealer and the fountains get a acrylic commercial sealer.

The bowls and serving pieces are even dishwasher safe!